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Colonies in North America
16th-18th centuries

The first four maps are online

The Portuguese and Spanish Empires

16th-17th centuries

A new series of maps

The cold war

A new series of maps

A new time line

A territorial history of the United States


220 animated maps for a better understanding of History

Ancient Greece

16 animated historical maps

The Greek world - colonization – a city-state: Athens – the Pan-Hellenic sanctuaries – Alexandria, a Hellenistic city – the Greco-Persian wars - Marathon - Salamina – the Athenian Empire – the conquests of Alexander the Great

Rome and its Empire

This new series will have a total of 16 animated maps. 6 are currently available online.

History of Christianity (Part I – until the end of the 15th century)

This new series will be made up of 17 animated maps 4 maps are already online.

Age of Discovery (Part I)

16 animated historical maps

Magellan's voyage -Christopher Columbus - Vasco da Gama - Bartolomeu Dias - Amerigo Vespucci - Treaty of Tordesillas, Trade in the Indian Ocean in the 15th century - Ibn Battuta - Zheng He - Cape Bojador

The Portuguese and Spanish Empires
16th-17th centuries

12 animated historic maps

Portuguese Empire, Brasil, trading posts and routes,African coast, Indian Ocean, Macau, Spices Islands, Spanish Empire, Viceroyalty of New Spain, Viceroyalty of Peru, Seville, Carthagena, Veracruz, Manila

Colonies in North America
16th-18th centuries

This new series will have a total of 12 animated maps. 4 are currently available.

The United-States : a territorial history

21 animated historic maps

The 13 colonies - Declaration of Independence - Treaty of Paris - Lewis and Clark expedition - Admission of New States and the Slavery Issue - the Indian Removal Act - Manifest Destiny - the ‘Melting Pot’ - the End of the “Frontier”

Europe and Nations 1815-1914

23 animated historical maps

History of Europe during the 19th century: Congress of Vienna – the revolutions of 1848 – unification of Germany - unification of Italy - nationalism – national minorities – Balkan wars – colonial empires

Europe and Nations 1918-1942

19 animated historical maps

History of Europe between 1918 and 1942 : Treaty of Versailles – creation of new States – authoritarian and totalitarian regimes – Munich Agreement – Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact – outbreak of the Second World War …

Europe and Nations from 1945 to the present

16 animated historical maps

History of Europe since 1945: the Yalta and Potsdam Conferences – the Cold War – NATO – the Warsaw Pact – construction of Europe – reunification of Germany – collapse of the USSR

Europe’s colonial expansion 1820-1939

19 animated historic maps

Europe’s colonial expansion : colonization of Africa - colonization of Asia - Empire in India - French Colonial Empire - British Empire - colonies and colonial empires of European countries

Decolonization after 1945

14 animated historical maps

World dominance in 1939, the colonial system disrupted by the Second World War, post-1945 rapid moves towards decolonization, independence in Asia, independence in Africa

World War I

20 animated historic maps

Triple Alliance - Triple Entente - Sarajevo assassination - Battle of the Marne - Dardanelles Campaign - Battle of Verdun - Battle of the Somme - Submarine Warfare - Treaty of Brest-Litovsk - Armistice of Compiegne - Treaty of Versailles

World War II 1939-1945

15 animated historical maps

Invasion of Poland – the Blitzkrieg – Battle of Britain – The Battle of the Atlantic – Pearl Harbor – Operation Torch – Stalingrad – the final solution – D Day – Okinawa – International Conferences: Tehran, Yalta, Potsdam Hiroshima – Nagasaki

The Cold War and Confrontation between East and West 1947-1991

9 animated historical maps

A bipolar world - North Atlantic Treaty - Warsaw Pact - The crisis of the Cold War : The Berlin Blockade - The Cuban missile crisis - The construction of the Berlin Wall - The Euro-missile Crisis - The Wars: The Korean War - The Vietnam War

The Middle East since the early 20th century

19 animated historic maps

History of the Middle East since the beginning of the 20th century: Ottoman Empire – European interference – French and British mandates – independence of Arab countries – creation of the State of Israel – wars in Lebanon and Iraq


List of our 220 animated maps

Decolonisation after 1945 : Colonial world dominance in 1939 - World War II undermines the colonial system - Accelerated decolonization after 1945 - Independence for India and Pakistan - Independence for Burma, Ceylon and Malaysia - Independence for the Indonesian Archipelago - Independence for Indochina - Independence for Italy's African colonies - Decolonization of the United Kingdom's territories in Africa - Decolonization of North Africa by France - Decolonization of French black Africa -Independence for Belgium's African colonies - Independence for Portugal's African colonies - Independence for Spain's African territories
The Age of Discovery (Part I) : North Atlantic sailings prior to Christopher Columbus - The travels of Marco Polo - The voyages of Ibn Battuta (1325-1355) - The maritime expeditions of Zheng He - Trade in the Indian Ocean in the 15th century - Portuguese Exploration of the African coastline - Vasco da Gama's voyage (1497-1498) - The voyage of Pêro da Covilha  - Portuguese Volta (The 'Loop') - Portuguese expansion in the Indian Ocean - The Treaties of Tordesillas (1494) and Saragossa (1529) - The circumference of the earth and the Route towards the West - Christopher Columbus' first voyage (1492-1493) - Christopher Columbus' three subsequent voyages - The first explorations in the New World - Magellan's voyage (1519-1522)
Ancient Greece : The evolving Greek world - Geography of Greece - Migration and languages - Colonization - The Hellenistic kingdoms - The Greeks and War - The Greco-Persian Wars - The Peloponnesian War - The conquests of Alexander the Great - Conflicts with Rome – Mycenae - A Greek city-state: Athens – Athenian Democracy - The temples - The Pan-Hellenic sanctuaries - Alexandria: A Hellenistic City
The United-States : a territorial history : Birth of the United States  - The War of Independence - Westward Expansion (1790-1861) - Admission of New States and the Slavery Issue - The Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804-1806) - The Northern Frontier and the Oregon Territory - The Westward Trails - The Indian Removal Programme - Texan Independence - Reconstruction and the End of the "Frontier" - The Transcontinental Railroad  - Immigration and the 'Melting Pot' - The Plains Indians - The Lure of Imperialism
Europe and nations, 1815-1914 : Europe at the time of the Congress of Vienna (1815-1848) - Independence of Greece - Independence of Belgium - The Polish Question - Serbian Autonomy - The Triumph of Nationalities (1848-1871) - Unification of Germany - The Affair of the Duchies - Annexation of Alsace and Lorraine - Unification of Italy - The Roman Question - Austria-Hungary 1867 - The Crimean War - Towards the Clash of Nations (1871-1914) - Independence of the Balkan Peoples - Independence of Norway - The Irish Question - Expansion of the Russian Empire after 1815 - Europe's Colonial Empires in 1914 - National Minorities in 1914 - The Ottoman Empire: Expansion and Retreat - Outbreak of the First World War
Europe and nations, 1918-1942 : Europe at the end of the First World War - Germany and the Treaty of Versailles - The Fate of Austria and Hungary - The Fate of Bulgaria - Independence for Finland - Independence for the Baltic Countries - Europe in the 1920s - The Irish Question - Greek-Turkish Relations between 1920 and 1923 - Authoritarian Regimes in the 1920s - Reconstituted Poland - Czechoslovakia: A Multinational State - Yugoslavia: A Multinational State - New Crises (1929-1942) - Spain: Republicanism and Civil War, (1931-1939) - France: From the Third Republic to the Vichy Regime - Dismantlement of Czechoslovakia (1938-1939) - Poland Conquered and Dismantled (1939-1941) - Italy in the 1930s
Europe and nations, 1945-2005 : Europe at the End of the War - USSR expands its Territory after the War - Occupied Germany and Divided Germany - Italian Unity under Threat (1945-1948) - Poland: New Frontiers (1945-1947) - A Defeated Hungary Converted to Communism (1945-1948) - Europe and the Cold War (1947-1991) - The Marshall Plan and Comecon - Military Alliances in Europe - Crises in Eastern Europe - Yugoslavia: From Unity to Disunity - Cyprus: Independence and Partition – Europe from One century to the next: (1990-2005) - The Collapse of the USSR - Wars in ex-Yugoslavia - European Union: Integration by Increments
The Middle East since the beginning of the 20th century : The Middle East at the beginning of the 20th century - Egypt after Napoleon's Expedition - The Ottoman Empire: Expansion and Retreat - The First World War and the Treaties (1914-1920) - The Sykes-Picot Agreement - France and Great Britain in the Middle East (1920-1945) - British Mandate for Palestine - Creation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Ibn Saud - Creation of Great Lebanon - Arab Plans for Unity: "Greater Syria" and the "Fertile Crescent" - The Middle East from 1945 to the Present Day - Failure of the Partition Plan -Continuation of the Israeli-Arab Conflict - Continuation of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - The Colonies - The Arab Cold War - War in the Lebanon (1975-1989( - War in Iraq (1980-2003) - Oil in the Middle East
Europe's colonial expansion, 1820-1939 : European Imperialism in the 19th Century - Emigration of Europeans to the Far Corners of the World - The British Empire: Trading routes and Construction - The British Empire: Statutes and Administration - France and its Colonies - The Conquest of Algeria - Algeria: Colonization and Settlement - Conquest of Africa: a period of incubation - Conquest of Africa: The Scramble for Territory - Exploring Africa - Resistance and Uprisings in the African Sahel - European Expansion in the Far East, (1820-1860) - European Expansion in the Far East (1860-1939) - The British Empire in India - Conquest and resistance in French Indochina - Imperial Competition in Central and Eastern Asia (c. 1860-1914) - Dividing up the Middle East - Egypt after Napoleon's Expedition - French and British Mandates in the Middle-East
The First World War, 1914-1918 : Europe plunges into war - The German and French Plans - Towards the Clash of Nations (1871-1914) - Independence of the Balkan Peoples - The Offensives of 1914 - The Battle of the Marne - 1915 The multiplication of fronts - The Dardanelles Campaign - Serbia's Defeat 1915 - 1916 The War of Attrition - The Battle of Verdun - The Battle of the Somme - The Year 1917 - Submarine Warfare - The Battle of Caporetto - Goals of War and Failure of a Negotiated Peace - 1918 the Last Quarter Hour - The Last Hundred Days on the Western Front - The Balkan Front September-November 1918 - Europe at the End of the First World War
The Second World War, 1939-1945 : Moving towards War - War in Europe (1939-1941) - The Blitzkrieg - The Battle of Britain July-November 1940 - The War goes global (June 1941-end 1942) - German Europe in 1942 - Asia: Japanese Power in 1942 - The Turning Point (autumn 1942 to end 1943) - The Battle of the Atlantic - Allied Victory (1944-1945) – The Final Solution (the Holocaust the Shoah) - The D-Day Landings and the Battle for Normandy - Military Operations in Asia (1944-1945) - Major International Conferences - Allied Decisions after the War

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