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European expansion 16th-18th centuries

Part I Portuguese and Spanish Empires

A new series of maps

The cold war

A new series of maps

A new time line

A territorial history of the United States


220 animated maps for a better understanding of History

Ancient Greece

16 animated historical maps

The Greek world - colonization – a city-state: Athens – the Pan-Hellenic sanctuaries – Alexandria, a Hellenistic city – the Greco-Persian wars - Marathon - Salamina – the Athenian Empire – the conquests of Alexander the Great

Rome and its Empire

This new series will have a total of 16 animated maps. 6 are currently available online.

History of Christianity (Part I – until the end of the 15th century)

This new series will be made up of 17 animated maps 4 maps are already online.

Age of Discovery (Part I)

16 animated historical maps

Magellan's voyage -Christopher Columbus - Vasco da Gama - Bartolomeu Dias - Amerigo Vespucci - Treaty of Tordesillas, Trade in the Indian Ocean in the 15th century - Ibn Battuta - Zheng He - Cape Bojador

European expansion
16th-18th centuries

12 animated historic maps

Part I Portuguese and Spanish Empires 16th-17th centuries

The United-States : a territorial history

21 animated historic maps

The 13 colonies - Declaration of Independence - Treaty of Paris - Lewis and Clark expedition - Admission of New States and the Slavery Issue - the Indian Removal Act - Manifest Destiny - the ‘Melting Pot’ - the End of the “Frontier”

Europe and Nations 1815-1914

23 animated historical maps

History of Europe during the 19th century: Congress of Vienna – the revolutions of 1848 – unification of Germany - unification of Italy - nationalism – national minorities – Balkan wars – colonial empires

Europe and Nations 1918-1942

19 animated historical maps

History of Europe between 1918 and 1942 : Treaty of Versailles – creation of new States – authoritarian and totalitarian regimes – Munich Agreement – Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact – outbreak of the Second World War …

Europe and Nations from 1945 to the present

16 animated historical maps

History of Europe since 1945: the Yalta and Potsdam Conferences – the Cold War – NATO – the Warsaw Pact – construction of Europe – reunification of Germany – collapse of the USSR

Europe’s colonial expansion 1820-1939

19 animated historic maps

Europe’s colonial expansion : colonization of Africa - colonization of Asia - Empire in India - French Colonial Empire - British Empire - colonies and colonial empires of European countries

Decolonization after 1945

14 animated historical maps

World dominance in 1939, the colonial system disrupted by the Second World War, post-1945 rapid moves towards decolonization, independence in Asia, independence in Africa

World War I

20 animated historic maps

Triple Alliance - Triple Entente - Sarajevo assassination - Battle of the Marne - Dardanelles Campaign - Battle of Verdun - Battle of the Somme - Submarine Warfare - Treaty of Brest-Litovsk - Armistice of Compiegne - Treaty of Versailles

World War II 1939-1945

15 animated historical maps

Invasion of Poland – the Blitzkrieg – Battle of Britain – The Battle of the Atlantic – Pearl Harbor – Operation Torch – Stalingrad – the final solution – D Day – Okinawa – International Conferences: Tehran, Yalta, Potsdam Hiroshima – Nagasaki

The Cold War and Confrontation between East and West 1947-1991

9 animated historical maps

A bipolar world - North Atlantic Treaty - Warsaw Pact - The crisis of the Cold War : The Berlin Blockade - The Cuban missile crisis - The construction of the Berlin Wall - The Euro-missile Crisis - The Wars: The Korean War - The Vietnam War

The Middle East since the early 20th century

19 animated historic maps

History of the Middle East since the beginning of the 20th century: Ottoman Empire – European interference – French and British mandates – independence of Arab countries – creation of the State of Israel – wars in Lebanon and Iraq


List of our 220 animated maps

Decolonisation after 1945 : Colonial world dominance in 1939 - World War II undermines the colonial system - Accelerated decolonization after 1945 - Independence for India and Pakistan - Independence for Burma, Ceylon and Malaysia - Independence for the Indonesian Archipelago - Independence for Indochina - Independence for Italy's African colonies - Decolonization of the United Kingdom's territories in Africa - Decolonization of North Africa by France - Decolonization of French black Africa -Independence for Belgium's African colonies - Independence for Portugal's African colonies - Independence for Spain's African territories
The Age of Discovery (Part I) : North Atlantic sailings prior to Christopher Columbus - The travels of Marco Polo - The voyages of Ibn Battuta (1325-1355) - The maritime expeditions of Zheng He - Trade in the Indian Ocean in the 15th century - Portuguese Exploration of the African coastline - Vasco da Gama's voyage (1497-1498) - The voyage of Pêro da Covilha  - Portuguese Volta (The 'Loop') - Portuguese expansion in the Indian Ocean - The Treaties of Tordesillas (1494) and Saragossa (1529) - The circumference of the earth and the Route towards the West - Christopher Columbus' first voyage (1492-1493) - Christopher Columbus' three subsequent voyages - The first explorations in the New World - Magellan's voyage (1519-1522)
Ancient Greece : The evolving Greek world - Geography of Greece - Migration and languages - Colonization - The Hellenistic kingdoms - The Greeks and War - The Greco-Persian Wars - The Peloponnesian War - The conquests of Alexander the Great - Conflicts with Rome – Mycenae - A Greek city-state: Athens – Athenian Democracy - The temples - The Pan-Hellenic sanctuaries - Alexandria: A Hellenistic City
The United-States : a territorial history : Birth of the United States  - The War of Independence - Westward Expansion (1790-1861) - Admission of New States and the Slavery Issue - The Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804-1806) - The Northern Frontier and the Oregon Territory - The Westward Trails - The Indian Removal Programme - Texan Independence - Reconstruction and the End of the "Frontier" - The Transcontinental Railroad  - Immigration and the 'Melting Pot' - The Plains Indians - The Lure of Imperialism
Europe and nations, 1815-1914 : Europe at the time of the Congress of Vienna (1815-1848) - Independence of Greece - Independence of Belgium - The Polish Question - Serbian Autonomy - The Triumph of Nationalities (1848-1871) - Unification of Germany - The Affair of the Duchies - Annexation of Alsace and Lorraine - Unification of Italy - The Roman Question - Austria-Hungary 1867 - The Crimean War - Towards the Clash of Nations (1871-1914) - Independence of the Balkan Peoples - Independence of Norway - The Irish Question - Expansion of the Russian Empire after 1815 - Europe's Colonial Empires in 1914 - National Minorities in 1914 - The Ottoman Empire: Expansion and Retreat - Outbreak of the First World War
Europe and nations, 1918-1942 : Europe at the end of the First World War - Germany and the Treaty of Versailles - The Fate of Austria and Hungary - The Fate of Bulgaria - Independence for Finland - Independence for the Baltic Countries - Europe in the 1920s - The Irish Question - Greek-Turkish Relations between 1920 and 1923 - Authoritarian Regimes in the 1920s - Reconstituted Poland - Czechoslovakia: A Multinational State - Yugoslavia: A Multinational State - New Crises (1929-1942) - Spain: Republicanism and Civil War, (1931-1939) - France: From the Third Republic to the Vichy Regime - Dismantlement of Czechoslovakia (1938-1939) - Poland Conquered and Dismantled (1939-1941) - Italy in the 1930s
Europe and nations, 1945-2005 : Europe at the End of the War - USSR expands its Territory after the War - Occupied Germany and Divided Germany - Italian Unity under Threat (1945-1948) - Poland: New Frontiers (1945-1947) - A Defeated Hungary Converted to Communism (1945-1948) - Europe and the Cold War (1947-1991) - The Marshall Plan and Comecon - Military Alliances in Europe - Crises in Eastern Europe - Yugoslavia: From Unity to Disunity - Cyprus: Independence and Partition – Europe from One century to the next: (1990-2005) - The Collapse of the USSR - Wars in ex-Yugoslavia - European Union: Integration by Increments
The Middle East since the beginning of the 20th century : The Middle East at the beginning of the 20th century - Egypt after Napoleon's Expedition - The Ottoman Empire: Expansion and Retreat - The First World War and the Treaties (1914-1920) - The Sykes-Picot Agreement - France and Great Britain in the Middle East (1920-1945) - British Mandate for Palestine - Creation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Ibn Saud - Creation of Great Lebanon - Arab Plans for Unity: "Greater Syria" and the "Fertile Crescent" - The Middle East from 1945 to the Present Day - Failure of the Partition Plan -Continuation of the Israeli-Arab Conflict - Continuation of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - The Colonies - The Arab Cold War - War in the Lebanon (1975-1989( - War in Iraq (1980-2003) - Oil in the Middle East
Europe's colonial expansion, 1820-1939 : European Imperialism in the 19th Century - Emigration of Europeans to the Far Corners of the World - The British Empire: Trading routes and Construction - The British Empire: Statutes and Administration - France and its Colonies - The Conquest of Algeria - Algeria: Colonization and Settlement - Conquest of Africa: a period of incubation - Conquest of Africa: The Scramble for Territory - Exploring Africa - Resistance and Uprisings in the African Sahel - European Expansion in the Far East, (1820-1860) - European Expansion in the Far East (1860-1939) - The British Empire in India - Conquest and resistance in French Indochina - Imperial Competition in Central and Eastern Asia (c. 1860-1914) - Dividing up the Middle East - Egypt after Napoleon's Expedition - French and British Mandates in the Middle-East
The First World War, 1914-1918 : Europe plunges into war - The German and French Plans - Towards the Clash of Nations (1871-1914) - Independence of the Balkan Peoples - The Offensives of 1914 - The Battle of the Marne - 1915 The multiplication of fronts - The Dardanelles Campaign - Serbia's Defeat 1915 - 1916 The War of Attrition - The Battle of Verdun - The Battle of the Somme - The Year 1917 - Submarine Warfare - The Battle of Caporetto - Goals of War and Failure of a Negotiated Peace - 1918 the Last Quarter Hour - The Last Hundred Days on the Western Front - The Balkan Front September-November 1918 - Europe at the End of the First World War
The Second World War, 1939-1945 : Moving towards War - War in Europe (1939-1941) - The Blitzkrieg - The Battle of Britain July-November 1940 - The War goes global (June 1941-end 1942) - German Europe in 1942 - Asia: Japanese Power in 1942 - The Turning Point (autumn 1942 to end 1943) - The Battle of the Atlantic - Allied Victory (1944-1945) – The Final Solution (the Holocaust the Shoah) - The D-Day Landings and the Battle for Normandy - Military Operations in Asia (1944-1945) - Major International Conferences - Allied Decisions after the War

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